How to use the word "Suggest" and "Recommend"?

These two words are very important for upper level pupils who need to write guided writing essay in Section B. Let's start the explanation now. 
What is the common mistakes about "suggest" and "recommend"?
Example 1 is wrong because the word "studies" is supposed to be in subjunctive form. 1. I suggest she studies hard for the test. × 2. I suggest she study hard for the test. a 3. I suggest that she study for the test. a

How to use "suggest" and "recommend" correctly?

The Origin of "breadwinner"

The Origin of BreadwinnerThe English expression "Breadwinner" is originated in the 1800s in the United Kingdom. This video explains to us on why "Breadwinnner" is called "Breadwinner." Why not the people at that moment made it into "wheatwinner" or "meatwinner" as according to historian the people at that period of time produce a lot of wheat and consumed a considerable amount of meat. Enjoy the video and follow me at my blog. Comment below so we can have more interesting discussion. :) 
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UPSR Common Mistakes on Tenses (with example)

UPSR is around the corner. I believe some of the pupils, teachers and parents are still confused 
with the usage of tenses in the 20 objective questions which is the first part of the comprehension

paper. Here, I would like like to show you how to choose the most suitable answers for questions

involving tenses. Before we start, it is good for you to understand that in primary school there are a

total of four different tenses that bring different meanings. Refer to the notes below to understand

more about it.

Have a look at the sample questions below. They are based on 

UPSR format. The highlighted words are the key words that you 

must find out before answering the questions.